bParanormal Research and Investigations serving the Tri-Cities, TN area.

What We Do

We always start with the research aspect of our work. The more information that we have at hand, the more accurately we can do what we do best. This can be anything from simple verification of records, library research, or even via historians.

Using proven methods, we investigate the location, finding any evidence of the paranormal that we possibly can. We use a combination of technology, mediums, and sensitives to provide in depth reports at the end of our investigation.
We do understand that not everyone wants something to change. However, there are cases every day where people are terrified in their own homes, and we will do whatever is within our power to ensure that you feel safe there.
We know that things that you may not understand can be difficult to grasp, as well as to comprehend. That's why we always ensure that we have a well documented report that contains evidence, further steps, as well as a sit down report upon completion of evidence review.

Why Choose Us?

We take what we do very seriously. While we do enjoy what we do, we understand that there is a time to joke, and a time to be serious.

When we investigate, and research, we ensure that we find as much as we possibly can. If that means you'd like to have us back a few times, then we'd love nothing more.

3 Support
With our vast knowledge, and combined skill set, we strive to help -you-, and support you as much as we possibly can. We never charge for our services, and only want to learn, and assist.